Speaker 1: Guys, I’ve come across AUSRV, I’m here with Bill. Now he’s going to take us through the Byfield, but before we do, we’re going to have a little look on the outside, because they’re doing things different here. Bill, what are we looking at exactly here? This is a different type of manufacturing process, isn’t it?

Bill: Correct, it is, yeah.

Speaker 1: Composite?

Bill: Yup, it’s a composite panel, it’s a fibreglass composite panel, so it insulates very well. It’s got a foam-filled centre in it, so you don’t hear any noise. It keeps it nice and cool during summer. Nice and warm during winter in there, cuts down a lot of the outback noise as well.

Speaker 1: You guys do your own all the way through, I understand?

Bill: Yup.

Speaker 1: So you’re a full turnkey operation, even to the chassis?

Bill: Yup, we build our own chassis from the ground up. They’re a six-inch hot-dipped galvanised chassis. Independent trailing arm suspension is standard on them. Also leading up to the front there, you’ve got AL-KO electronic stability control which is standard. All over the front there, what you’ll find is that’s your Raptor lining.

Speaker 1: Raptor lining.

Bill: so no scratches, no chips.

Speaker 1: Yeah, sacrificial coating.

Bill: Yup.

Speaker 1: So if it does, it’s easy to touch up, cheap looking after. This panel here, joint-

Bill: Yup.

Speaker 1: Are you telling me we’ve got no timber in this now?

Bill: No timber whatsoever. That roof is one piece right the way through, right the way down the front.

Speaker 1: That’s a massive.

Bill: All your walls are one piece as well, so it cuts down the weight. There’s no chance of leaking or dust ingress  at all. The same as the floor, the floor is a resin-infused fibreglass piece, and it is right the way through, one piece.

Speaker 1: Looks good on the outside, what’s the inside like?

Bill: It’s got all the latest tech-savvy stuff in there you could ever want in your caravan.

Speaker 1: Come on guys, let’s have a look.

Bill: Living through your front door here, what you’ll find is a very very spacious, extremely spacious inside.

Speaker 1: It does, it feels very big.

Bill: Yeah.

Speaker 1: And the colours, beautiful.

Bill: Yup.

Speaker 1: It’s so stylish.

Bill:  Yup, we’ve done things very differently here. What we’ve tried to do at AUSRV is put a lot more standard inclusions in the caravan rather than options. So things like slide-out pantries. You’ve got the REDARC BMS system in here. Your ovens are standard. In the kids’ bunk area there … you can get a two or three bunks … every bunk has a TV in there standard for the kids.

Speaker 1: Nice. What about mom and dad, have they got one?

Bill: Mum and dad have got the big 22-inch TV up there.

Speaker 1: Down the front there, yeah.

Bill: Plenty of cupboard storage there for the kids. You’ve got hanging storage, you’ve got drawers there. Separate shower and separate toilet, not a combination.

Speaker 1: You’ve got a washing machine as well.

Bill: Yeah, washing machine in there as well.

Speaker 1: Actually the layout’s quite different, isn’t it? Because you’ve got the beds here, you’ve got the shower, which is a nice, big shower.

Bill: Yup.

Speaker 1: And a vanity door here as well.

Bill: Yup.

Speaker 1: Beautiful.

Bill: A huge pantry storage in there. We’ve got the big one, 90-litre three-way fridge freezer in there as well.

Speaker 1: Where are we making these?

Bill: In Brisbane.

Speaker 1: In Brisbane.

Bill: Yup. All made in Brisbane on site.

Speaker 1: Okay, there you have it guys. This has got no timber. It’s the way of the future, the composite.

Bill: It is, it is. One of the other things too that you’ll find is generally you’ve got a friend or a cousin all coming with you. All of the AUSRV tables here convert down to an extra bed. So you can actually grab the little handle, move that table down to wherever you want. Push your foot on the button, and that will drop down and convert to another bed.

Speaker 1: Yeah, okay, so if the kids got an extra kid they want to bring along, no worries.

Bill: Comes standard with the in-fill cushion over there, so it makes a nice little bed there.

Speaker 1: That’ll be perfect for the mother-in-law.

Bill: Ooh.

Speaker 1: Anyway guys, AUSRV, something worth looking at. Definitely breaking new ground.