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G’day folks, Billy Berg here from AUSRV. Today here we’ve got the brand new Byfield 04. This one heres got the extreme terrain pack on it. It’s a full off-road caravan. So from the comfort of this massive club lounge here, I’m gonna take you through the van and show you all its features. Here we are in the lounge area. Have a look at it. It’s a massive club lounge, plenty of room to sit you and the family around with some friends as well. Another great feature about the lounge area is this table. You can actually spin the table around. You can drop it down to make another bed. We supply you with the intel cushion as well, so if you’ve got someone staying the night, they’ve got somewhere else to sleep.

Here in the kitchen area, it is a massive kitchen. It’s got all the features you’d expect to find in a top-notch kitchen. You got hot and cold running water. You’ve got an oven in there. You’ve got a microwave in there, huge amount of bench space, all the cupboardry you could ever want. It’s got slide out pantries in there. Everything is easy and accessible so you can cook up a storm while you’re out on tour.

One of the things everyone loves in the caravan is storage, and that’s one thing you’ll find in the 04. It’s got a massive amount of cupboards up on top. You’ve got plenty of cupboardry down in the bottom to put all your bits and pieces in. Put your clothes in, your kitchenware, and everything else you take on tour. Speaking of storage for your colds, there is a massive upright two-door fridge freezer. Compressor fridge as well. You’ll fit everything in there that you need when you’re out on tour.

Moving forward in the caravan folks, what you’re gonna find is your mid-mount shower and toiler. Now that’s one of the unique features about this caravan is being mid-mount gives you a massive amount of room in there. You got a huge linen cupboard in there to put all your towels and bits and pieces in there as well. Front load washing machine in there, massive shower cubicle. That is a big, big shower cubicle. Toilet in there as well. You’ve actually got plenty of cupboardry there as well, so you can store all your bits and pieces while you’re travelling along.

Now the great thing about having the mid-mount shower and toilet is there’s a concertina door along there. With the concertina door, you can shut that off. So once you’ve had your shower and you’ve got yourself up for the day, come back out to your area here in the lounge or in the kitchen. You can close that door off, never have to see it again til later on in the day.

Here we are in the bedroom area folks, and the first thing that’s gonna grab your eyes is the mattress. Look at the size of it. It’s a full queen size mattress, and you’ve still got plenty of room to walk around it as well. There’s a huge amount of room to move around there. Cupboardry is a plus in there. You got hanging space both sides. You got cupboardry across the top there as well. You’ve also got storage under the bed. So it’s gas strut assisted so you can still store things underneath the bed as well. You got a telly in there that you can watch during the night. You’ve also got a telly out there in your lounge area as well.

Now if you want to go for a sleep during the night and it’s a bit warm and things like that, you got a massive window at the front there that you can open up. You got a roof hatch at the front there. You got a roof hatch at the back, so you got really good flow through of air there. So it’s got everything you need in there, and one thing I find very important in a caravan is when you’re laying back at night time, you’re reading a book or you’re looking at your phone and you want somewhere to put it, there’s two little pigeon holes just to the side there. It’s also got USB charging in there. It’s got two 40 volt charging in there so you put your books, and your phone, your glasses and everything there at night time and curl up and go to sleep in comfort.

This caravan has got the electrical system to die for. This is a full REDARC battery management system which takes care of everything inside this van. So it’ll tell you how much charge you got in your batteries. You got 200 amp power AGM batteries in this one as well because it’s the off-road pack. You’ve got 1000 watt REDARC inverter in there as well, part of the off-road pack. You got a battery isolator in there as well, so you can shut the whole van down when you’re not using it and nothing’s gonna drain power on you. Up on the roof you’ve got a 200 watt solar panel, so you can go live off grid for as long as the water will last you. Up in your power box there, all your switches are nice and easily marked so you know what you’re doing in there. You’ve got the switch there for your hot water system, so flick it on and you’ll have hot water in no time.

You’ll notice you’ve got the round fusion dongle in there with the USB port underneath it. That one there is very unique. You can sit outside, download the app onto your mobile phone. You can adjust the volume from your phone. You can change stereo stations. You can play music and do it all from the comfort or your chair outside. So when it comes to electrical systems, this caravan has it all. Everywhere you look there’s 12 volt points. Everywhere you look there’s a 240 volt point. So you’ve got power at your fingertips everywhere you look.

One of the things that we wanted to get into this van was plenty of breeze through. A lot of people want nice, airy, and open caravans, so we have got windows everywhere. They’re all double glazed windows as well, so you don’t get heat penetration through them. You’ll also notice they’ve got nice screen mesh on them, but also at the bottom you grab the little switch there, slide them up, and that will block out for night time. So at night time if you want to block the whole thing out, you want to keep it nice and cool, or even if you want to go for a sleep during the day, you can block the sun out and it’s nice and dark in the caravan.

Talking about keeping cool folks, full reverse cycle air conditioner. If you’ve got a powered site somewhere you can get access to 240, you can turn the air conditioner on and sleep here in comfort during the day or night.

It’s not only the interior that has features. Have a look at the outside here. It is packed with features, and especially this caravan ’cause we’ve got the extreme terrain pack on it, the full off-road pack. Starting up at the business end here, you’ve got a DO 35 off-road hitch for that full articulation when you’re out off-roading. Breakaway braking system for safety on there, rated safety chains, rated shackles as well. Hand break for when you’re parking up so you can keep the van nice and still. Stone guard on there to protect everything, can stop the rocks bouncing back into your car windows.

Two nine kilo gas bottles on there, gas regulator as well. Now the gas system is fully plumbed right the way through. Gas certificates are supplied as well, and one thing behind those gas bottles you’re gonna notice that massive toolbox. That is a big, big toolbox. Generators slide in one side as well, and a huge amount of storage space in there for you.

Coming down the side of the van here folks, you’ll notice the black raptor lining right there down the sides. It’s all over the front as well. What that does is stops all the scratching and chipping when you’re out on dirt roads and things like that, so it keeps the van in a better condition. In the front hatch here you’re gonna notice not only an internal kitchen, but an external kitchen as well. So that’s three burner stove. You’ve got hot and cold water there as well. You’ve got a space on the end there where you can put your barbecue as well. It’s got everything you need so you can cook up a full stormy outside as well, and underneath the shade of your awning. That’s a massive awning there. So it goes virtually the full length of the caravan and will keep you well and truly in the shade there.

External picnic table there so you can put your bits and pieces on. It’s got an LED light on the top of it as well so you can see at night time. Right next to it, if you want to watch telly, you can actually watch telly outside. External entertainment box there. You got 12 volt points. You got two 40 volt points and then an aerial point there. There’s also a place where you can slide the arm in for your TV, swivel it round so you can watch telly in comfort from outside as well.

Gone are the days of breaking your back lifting heavy steps and folding them in. These ones are full electric. It’s just push button and they slide away all by themselves. You’ll notice there’s a massive entry door in there as well. They do split. You’ve got a nice big heavy security mesh in there as well so you get breeze through. There’s a little blind in the top you can pull down and also Pinchweld rubber seals right the way around it. So when you’re in here at night time and you close that door, it keeps everything so quiet. You can hardly hear anything from outside. So very, very easy to get in and out of the van.

Underneath your van, being an off-road caravan, you want everything tough and you do not get any tougher than this caravan. Six in chassis, six inch draw bar, one piece right the way through. AL-KO independent trailing arm suspension, dual shock absorbers, coil spring, your 12 inch electric brakes, and the important thing about that is this van is fitted with AL-KO electronic stability control. It will take over all the necessaries to keep your van from swaying around. It will keep it tucked nicely in behind your car when you’re travelling along in a high wind. So it’s another thing you don’t have to worry about.

285 litre water tanks underneath here. There’s room for a third water tank or room for a grey water tank if you want to option it in. So plenty of room underneath there. Bar’s so, so strong so if you’re out off-roading, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

When you’re parked up, what you want is the van to be nice and level and you don’t want it rocking around when you’re walking in. You’ve got four AL-KO heavy duty drop down stabiliser legs as well. There’s AL-KO Bigfoots, so drop them down into the ground, wind them in, and the van will sit there spirit level perfect.

You’ll find on this side here the external 240 points. So if you’re at a powered site, plug your 15 amp lead in and you’ve got 240 to your heart’s content. You’ve got the water filler there for your tanks. You’ve got mains pressure point there as well, so also if you’re somewhere that you can get access to water, plug her in. You’ve got access to mains pressure’s water there as well.

Under this little flap here, this is very, very different. Flick it up, you got an external shower. Now that is hot and cold as well. It’s very nice. It’s very compact and easy to use. Up the front here you’ll find the cassette for your toilet. That’s easy slide in, slide out. They’re very easy to use. You’ve also got your hot water system here. So it’s a truly gas and 240 volt hot water system so you can free camp to your heart’s content. The door up the front here, you get access to the other side of your tunnel boot. More storage up the front of your caravan.

At the back of the van here guys, what you’ll find is dual spare wheels manned on a nice, big, heavy duty bar there as well. Massive big LED tyre lights on there, so people will clearly see you stopping. Also you’ll find underneath there is your grey water drain point too. So hook your hose on there when you’re at a powered site or whether you’re out free camping and just drain your grey water out nice and safely.

One of the things that sets this caravan apart from the rest is its construction. It’s a full fibre glass composite panel construction, so you don’t have to worry about timber frames rotting or anything like that. You don’t have to worry about aluminium frames cracking. These are all a one piece construction, so your roof is one piece from front to back. Your walls are one piece. Your floor is also a resin infused composite panel, so it’s very strong, very lightweight. You don’t have to worry about hail damaging the wall. You don’t have to worry about dust and water getting in your caravan ’cause everything’s single pieces. There’s no joins anywhere, so it gives you years of worry-free caravaning.

When it comes to colours folks, you really can customise this caravan for your own personal taste. On the outside here, one of the options that are available is the vinyl wrap. You’ll notice the green one on this one. You can choose any colour you want that is available. On the inside, you really can again make this your own personal van. You can choose all the nice glossy cupboard front colours. You can choose bench top colours. When it comes to your seating, you can get fabric or leather it. You can choose whatever you want so you can really make it your own home away from home.

Well there you have it, folks. The 2017 A model 22 foot Byfield 04 with the extreme terrain pack on it. This thing is ready to go anywhere. Free camping, caravan parks, up the beach. Take it anywhere you like. Start your adventure now. Come and see one of the friendly staff and get yourself in one. Escape in style. Welcome to AUSRV.

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