Narrator : Welcome back to Creek to Coast. It’s another cracking start to the day, and the boys have an idea to kick start the morning with a paddle on Yamba’s finest assets, the Clarence River. This is Phil Moore, and this is his office.

Scott Hillier : And the mighty Clarence, a bit of size to her …

Phil Moore: Yeah, it’s the biggest estuary on the New South Wales coast, and the biggest river on the East Coast south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Scott Hillier : Pretty special isn’t it?

Phil Moore: It is. It’s a good spot.

Narrator : The Clarence is also home to Yamba Bay oysters. The waters being the best place to grow these price delights.

Scott Hillier : The water clarity is important …

Phil Moore: Yeah we have pristine water that comes in on the high tide, with the grand beautify water coming in off the ocean, and then you’ll get the outbound tide and it will give them a bit of nutrients coming out of the …

Scott Hillier : So it makes a perfect oyster …

Phil Moore: Yeah

Narrator : The young Eli is giving us a taste

Scott Hillier : He goes like that, and he just pushes it around and goes …

Female: Can’t give that up.

Scott Hillier : She knows my words, you can’t get better. They are good.

Well there you go guys, say goodbye to Yamba. Newcastle, here we come.

Billy: Good … Road Trip.

Narrator : The Newcastle caravan and camping expo ,is a mega for all things outdoors, and we’ve arrived.

Lyndell Grey: It’s a real showcase of the industry, where all of our products from the swags, all the accessories, the camping gear, right up to the top of range motor homes, caravans, camper vans, camper trailers, it’s all on display. And it enables you to get up close with nature, and that’s what people are wanting these days. A relaxed, fun, outdoor adventure holiday.

Scott Hillier : Well Robbo, we did a travel over 700 kilometres, picked these two girls, brand new off the floor. How good was it?

Rob: It was an unreal trip, fantastic. The caravan stood up brilliantly. As we talked about they are one hundred percent Australian made, AusRV, made in the factory in Brisbane from the ground up. They’re going to take you places, in comfort, that you normally would not take a caravan.

Scott Hillier : Get yourself an AusRV, you can do all of that.

Rob: Exactly. That’s exactly what it’s for. Just get out there and enjoy the country.

Narrator : If you want to do a trip like this down the East Coast, or make your own adventure AusRV have the right caravans for you. Check out their website, or visit them in store. And you can also see them at the national 4x4 outdoor expo at the Brisbane showgrounds, March thirty fist to April the second.

Scott Hillier : Well, what a trip we’ve had, an absolute blast. Rob I know you have loved everything …

Rob: Mate, it’s been fantastic.

Scott Hillier : Billy Boy?

Billy: Trip of a lifetime.

Scott Hillier : We have reached our destination. The big girls are here, ready to go for the show. I’m Scottie Hillier, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this half hours as much as these guys have. See you next time on Creek to Coast.